What We Do

At Faulkner Consulting Group we take a data driven approach, working with states, payors and providers to design and develop innovative programs and payment models that leverage national best practices and build on the unique strengths and capacities of our clients. Our work is focused in three specific areas:

We specialize in developing innovative programs and payor-provider partnerships, including advanced payment models (APMs), that create shared financial incentives, build on the unique strengths of each partner, and effectively maximize federal funding opportunities.



Innovative programs succeed or fail based on effective implementation. Our implementation experts build the business processes, tools, reports, and technical requirements to enable effective and sustainable implementation.



We help state agencies, providers and payors take a detailed look at population and program specific performance and goals, helping them to quantify differential baselines and targets, all through a race-equity lens.


FCG consultants specialize in one of our 3 service areas while collaborating across projects to ensure that each project benefits from the entire team’s expertise.

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